Diary of daily thoughts

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Here i set here, thinking of so many things my mind is racing. One thing im thinking about is that damn $140.00 i lent my ex boyfriend when we were together. He promised to pay it back and its been 2 months and he still hasnt payed it back. It pisses me off.. he was whining how he just got his buisness started and how if he didnt pay his cell bill it would be shut off and his buisness wouldnt work out for him. So feeling bad for my "boyfriend" i lent him the money and we broke up a couple weeks later. He payed his bill and now hes making money and does he come by to give me my money back? FUCK NO. I have done some stupid shit in my life, but that by far was the stupidest! Than im setting here feeling like a bitch because when i dont get my way i get angry. My boyfriend has spoiled me BEYOND i ever imagined and i think i expect it now. I need to get off this trip before it ruins me and our relationship.

First post

Well here it is, my first post. The world is full of so many evil mean people who you cant trust for shit. So im going to pour my thoughts, desires, and feelings out on here for all of you to read. Just when you think life couldnt be any worse, you can always read about someone elses.
My diary will be open. It will contain every thought from me, to my kids, to my job, friends, family and sex life. As of now, im a 23 year old woman. I work as a cna and hate it. I dont mind the taking care of people, its just the all the heavy lifting all the time. I plan on going for my RN. I have 2 young children. I have a wonderful boyfriend, but have a guy roomate, which my boyfriend doesnt seem to mind too much. Outside the bedroom were everyone can see me, im a very sweet, poliet, nice caring person. Never appropiate, but behinde closed doors, im a freak. People would never guess it. At the moment life seems good. My daughters father is being nice to me at the moment, but he needs to tell his wife before she has their baby, that he slept with me summer. Its only fair to her. My sons father doesnt give a shit about his son, so i dont even bother with him. But other than that, life seems alright.